Here at Crescent Moon, we emphasize "safety" and
"the basics" and it is this philosophy that is the
foundation of our riding and training programs.  
We consider the safety of our students, boarders,
and horses above all else!  We understand the
nature of horses and teach the appropriate
precautions when working with them.  Even the
most well-trained horse, under a certain amount of
pressure and stress, will revert back to their basic
equine instincts.
Let's face it; a horse is still a horse!
In our lesson program, riders are taught
"from the ground up."
They learn about the horse's characteristics,
their greatest fear, and their "fight or flee"
instincts.  Ground safety of both the horse
and rider is emphasized.  Teaching how to
control a situation, and the horse itself, is
extremely important.  When a rider
understands how dangerous a situation can
be, he/she will have the knowledge to avoid
We believe a balanced seat is the foundation of all
riding disciplines, whether English or Western.  
Riders are taught this form of riding from the
onset.  They learn to communicate with their horse
by using their seat, legs, hands, weight, and
voice.  Riders learn to maintain their position on
the horse by balance alone and not to rely on their
legs or hands for stability.  In any discipline, the
correct balanced-seat rider will be the least likely to
fall off!  Our in-depth Horsemanship Program
allows students to earn certificates and plaques
while having fun during the learning process.
In our training program, we use our knowledge
of horse psychology to gain the horse's trust and
respect.  A respectful horse is a willing horse.  
And a willing horse makes a great partner!!  We
make training easy for the horse to understand
and enjoy.  We utilize natural horsemanship
techniques and skills to obtain happy,
resistance-free horses!
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