Riding Lessons:                      
Private Lesson:                 $35.00/hour/person*        $25.00/half-hour/person*
Semi-Private Lesson:        $30.00/hour/person*        (2-3 students)
If available
Group Lesson:                     $25.00/hour/person        If Available

Students must be Advanced Beginners or higher for Semi-Private or Group Lessons
*Fees are paid monthly or individually.  Pay for 4 lessons at once and get the 5th lesson FREE!

If at all possible, 24-hour notice of cancellation is requested and a make-up lesson will be scheduled.  If Student is
a No-Show, Student forfeits that lesson and no reimbursement will be made.   Do not assume that a lesson will be
canceled due to inclement weather.  Please call to confirm.

Fees include quality alfalfa, wheat/oat/barley 3-way, and/or Bermuda grass hay fed up to 3 times daily and turnout.
Horses will be fed 1.5% - 2.5% of their body weight, depending on their needs.  Special needs horses (horses needing
extra feed, supplements, or additional feedings) MUST be kept in a stall.

Stall with paddock:               $250.00/month*
Shedrow                                $210.00/month*
Pasture:                                 $150.00/month*

Prices will be prorated accordingly upon arrival and a discount is available for multiple horses.
*Fees are paid monthly and must be paid in advance.
** a $50.00 late fee will be charged if payment is not received by the 15th of each month.

All prices below are for 1-2 horses, each additional horse incurs an additional $10.00
(Additional feed includes extra hay, grain, bran, senior feed, cubes, etc.)

Additional feed (you supply)     $25.00/month       Psyllium 1 week a month $25.00/month
Additional feed (we supply)      $50.00/month       Psyllium 1 week a month $50.00/month
Supplements $25.00/ month
Blanketing                         $30.00/month/horse
Shavings or Straw                $45.00/month, added weekly
Any medication to be given, bandages to be replaced, wounds to be cleaned, etc.  $10.00/day
Trailer Parking                    FREE
Flymasks                           FREE
Holding fee for Farrier          $15.00/horse.   CMR will not cover farrier costs.  It is up to owner to
                                                 provide payment.
Coaching at Shows                $50.00/day
Use of CMR Horse at Show      $75.00/day, includes coaching
Transportation                    $1.00/loaded mile for client/CMR horses
                                  $1.50/loaded mile for non-client horses
Horse Trailer Rental             $30.00/day  UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME
Body Clipping                      $125.00/horse        Use of Clippers        $70.00
Show Prep                         $40.00/horse         Use of Clippers        $20.00
Braiding        Mane $40.00      Tail $20.00

Short Term Boarding/Overnight Boarding:
$15.00/day up to 16 days.  $10.00/day after 16 days.

do not include boarding fee.  A flat rate of $175 board fee will be charged for all horses in training.

Untrained Horses:                $350.00/month*
Defined as horses with no prior training at all.
Services include groundwork, round pen training, and under saddle training.

Halter Broke Horses:           $300.00/month*
Defined as horses that halter, tie, lead, and may have had some ground work/round pen training.
Services include advanced groundwork, advanced round pen training and under saddle training.

Broke to Ride Horses:            $250.00/month*
Services include basic to advanced under saddle training, in addition to refining groundwork and round pen

Daily Exercising:                      $200.00/month*
Includes Monday-Friday daily exercising (i.e., round pen, trail, and/or arena) to keep horse’s attitude
pleasant and body fit for weekend riding of owners.
*Fees are paid monthly and must be paid in advance.
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Arena Rentals:  Both Covered Arena and/or Main Outside Arena
$250.00/day for events such as Gymkhanas, Horse Shows, Clinics, 4H Events, Birthday Parties, etc.
$15.00/hour for Schooling purposes (minimum 2 hours, maximum 4 hours)

Contact us if you are interested in renting an arena for schooling or for an event.  We will be happy to work with you!